A New Patron for KMB

Good news is rarely worth so much! With only four months to go until the 2016 Biennale, South Indian Bank, Kerala’s first and most expansive private bank, donated Rs 1 crore as patronage in lieu of organising and opening the Biennale. In another important first, South...

Meet Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Trained both as a composer and visual artist, Pedro Gómez-Egaña’s practice expands across performance, sculpture, video, installation, and sound. Central to his artistic approach is the performative aspect of sculpture, which he presents in the form of animated...

Biennale Venues

To put up a Biennale takes days, weeks, months. As co-founder Riyas Komu often says, “It is many events in one”. Our preparations for the opening on 12/12/16 started with the clean-up of the nine sites that have been finalised for Kochi-Muziris Biennale....

Let’s Talk with Josy Joseph

The primary task of an investigative journalist, to use George Orwell's dictum, is to publish what somebody else does not want published. And Josy Joseph is someone who has stuck to the rule. His book, 'A Feast of Vultures: the Hidden Business of Democracy in...

‘Silence is not an Option’

Filmmaker Rakesh Sharma on how platforms like the Signs Film Festival are important for showcasing documentaries and short films and why younger filmmakers shouldn’t be intimidated by the challenges of filming in less-than-favourable conditions. Sharma will be...


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Art By Children


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