Artist Interview: Gulammohammed Sheikh | KMB 2014

    Gulammohammed Sheikh opens up about his ideas and thinking about his work at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014. He is fascinated with Kochi's history, as well as its built and natural environments, and thinks his art will be response to the place. Sheikh goes on to speak about the artistic exploration[...]

    Artist Interview: Sahej Rahal | KMB 2014

    Commenting on his use of found objects, Sahej Rahal says that he attempts to bring out the embedded histories of objects through his artistic exercise. In the narratives that develop through his practice, he imagines a mode of stepping into history and having conversations with it. Kochi, in this se[...]

    Artist Interview: Gigi Scaria | KMB 2014

    Gigi Scaria narrates his interest in urban topographies and city structures. He comments on how in his work the momentum provided by artistic and political traditions of Kerala is processed through the distinct invitation that Delhi offers to an artist of the city. Scaria adds that Kochi, due to its[...]

    Artist Interview: Bijoy Jain | KMB 2014

    Bijoy Jain shares with us his fascination for bricks as the material and medium of art. The possibilities of brick, Jain thinks, are compelling for an architect-artist. Each brick has its own character: its internal constitution would be particular, its physical appearance distinct. Brick is a unit,[...]

    Artist Interview: Parvathi Nayar | KMB 2014

    Parvathi Nayar speaks about how her art presents an occasion of rupture, an opportunity for pause and consideration about our ordinary ways of seeing the world. Despite the use of cutting-edge technology towards this end, Nayar states that her artistic work is realised only by the mediation and appr[...]

    Another Cosmopolitanism: Ashis Nandy & NS Madhavan

    Ashis Nandy and NS Madhavan in conversation about the enduring traditions of cosmopolitanism and hospitality, characterised by places like Kochi, that are alternative to the dominant model of tolerance available today. They discuss the history of Kochi, the place of secularism in India, and the thre[...]

    Artist Interview: Sudhir Patwardhan | KMB 2014

    Sudhir Patwardhan talks about the city of Bombay as a significant subject of his work. In his paintings, he has documented his relationship with the city - as a person in the crowd, and as someone looking at Bombay from afar. His art process, Patwardhan reports, is one of urban experiences becoming [...]

    Artist Interview: Julian Charriere | KMB 2014

    Julian Charriere talks about his attempts to think and represent time physically, in sculptures, in excavation sites, etc. His art participates in practices like archaeology, geology, and cartography. In an era of increasing specialisation, Charriere thinks that it is the artist who has the freedom [...]
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