Another Cosmopolitanism: Ashis Nandy & NS Madhavan

    Ashis Nandy and NS Madhavan in conversation about the enduring traditions of cosmopolitanism and hospitality, characterised by places like Kochi, that are alternative to the dominant model of tolerance available today. They discuss the history of Kochi, the place of secularism in India, and the thre[...]

    Artist Interview: Sudhir Patwardhan | KMB 2014

    Sudhir Patwardhan talks about the city of Bombay as a significant subject of his work. In his paintings, he has documented his relationship with the city - as a person in the crowd, and as someone looking at Bombay from afar. His art process, Patwardhan reports, is one of urban experiences becoming [...]

    Artist Interview: Julian Charriere | KMB 2014

    Julian Charriere talks about his attempts to think and represent time physically, in sculptures, in excavation sites, etc. His art participates in practices like archaeology, geology, and cartography. In an era of increasing specialisation, Charriere thinks that it is the artist who has the freedom [...]

    Artist Interview: Neha Choksi | KMB 2014

    Neha Choksi speaks about her contemplation of presence through the gestures towards absence – erasing, anaesthetising, shrinking, melting, stripping, etc. She also notes that the poetic and dramatic spaces in her work might be physically replicated in the ruinous quality of the sites in Fort Kochi. [...]

    Artist Interview: Bharti Kher | KMB 2014

    New Delhi-based Bharti Kher talks about the significance in her art practice of connecting with not just histories, but also with objects; of engaging with not just ideas but with materials. She considers that the transformation of material through art might be thought of as alchemical, or even magi[...]

    Artist Interview: Pors & Rao | KMB 2014

    Pors & Rao discuss how they are interested in the idea of a 'being', and how in their artistic practice they build mechanical creatures that invoke in the viewers emotions and reactions usually reserved for living beings. These objects peep, hide, jump, tire, fall; their behaviour often responds[...]

    Artist Interview: Arun KS | KMB 2014

    Arun KS notes that his works reflect on time and its relation to history. History is a narrative written by someone, but Arun is interested in psychological time, which cannot have such authors. This idea he develops in his paintings through the the process of layering, of adding and erasing layers,[...]

    Artist Interview: Nikhil Chopra | KMB 2014

    Nikhil Chopra speaks about how operating outside a studio, in live settings is central to his work. His performance consists of modifying the environment around him, usually with large drawings that envelop the audience and himself, but also mainly involve transforming himself, becoming different pe[...]
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