The Arts & Medicine programme by the Kochi Biennale Foundation just celebrated its 200th event at the Government General Hospital, Ernakulam. The programme was set up with the belief that art and cultural interventions help soothe the heart and mind, especially during the healing process. Arts & Medicine is run in collaboration with the charming members of the Mehboob Memorial Orchestra, and supported by Casino Air Caterers & Flight Services (CAFS). The Mehboob Memorial Orchestra (M.M.O), based in Fort Kochi, has been performing songs of the late playback singer H Mehboob for more than 25 years. MMO was formed in the memory of the renowned and talented Kochi native. MMO is the first music group in Kerala that specialises in Ghazal performances. For the last three decades, every year, MMO has organised ‘Rafi Night’, a musical tribute to the legendary singer Mohammed Rafi.