The Present Juncture of Historical Change:
Decolonizing Asian Futures


Inter-Asia Biennale Forum 2017
March 17-18, 2017
Biennale Pavilion, Cabral Yard, Fort Kochi


Presented by

Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016
Inter-Asia School


Sponsored by

Moonchu Foundation

Through conversation and discussion between scholars from India and China, the academic section aims to bring out the respective fundamental questions facing the two civilizations, and the different intellectual projects and resources developed along. Considering the lack of close interaction and deep mutual understanding of the academia of both countries, this forum tries to touch the primary differences or similarities of the historical contexts of both sides, as well as reveal current pressing issues of reality in the two societies.



Day I / Fri, Mar 17

09.30 am Opening Remarks. Chang TsongTzung

09.45 am Introduction to Kochi Forum. Sun Ge and Aditya Nigam

10.00 am Panel I: Political Thought and Speaking Across Cultures

Chair: J Devika

  1. Sun Ge / Liang Zhiping: Chinese political and legal thought at the juncture of historical change
  2. Pradip Datta / Rita Kothari: Tagore’s Asia and the Challenge of Global Survival / Translation and Democracy

01.00 pm Lunch

02.00 pm Panel II: Modernity – Acceptance and Critique

Chair: Chang TsongZung

  1. Zhang Zhiqiang / Jiang Mei: The acceptance and critique of modernity in the intellectual circle of Late Qing, with reference to Zhang Taiyan
  2. Sanjay Palshikar / Nivedita Menon: The Janus face of modernity and Rendering the Self intelligible

05.00 pm Close


Day II / Sat, Mar 18

09.30 am Panel III: Ethical Visions and Political Transformation

Chair: Nivedita Menon

  1. Liu Zhiwei / Wu Chongqing: Communist revolution and the changed and unchanged aspects of Chinese society
  2. MT Ansari / K Satyanarayana: Muslim political thought and Ambedkar’s revolutionary Buddhist ethics

12.30 pm Lunch

01.30 pm Panel IV: Marxism, Capital and the Social

Chair: Liang Zhiping

  1. Yang Chunyu / Wu Xiaoli: The organization of Chinese society: history and the issue of legitimacy
  2. J Devika / Aditya Nigam: The communist national-popular/ The ‘outside’ of Capital

4.30 pm Concluding Remarks. Sun Ge and Aditya Nigam

5.30 pm Close