February 26, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Pavilion, Cabral Yard
How did Kerala understand and deal with its encounter with modernity? What is the significance of this self-understanding for the evolution of Kerala society? How do we read the philosophical utterances, autobiographies, poetry and journalism through which this self-images are articulated and handled? What are these discursive events that reconstructed our relationship with traditions and engaged with issues of caste, gender and body.  
This seminar discusses two recent texts  on the self images of Kerala modernity: Guruchintana and Writing the First Person. The first day is dedicated to detailed discussion of these texts. On the second day, under title Aesthetics of Existence,  we shall pursue some of the themes put forth by these texts – techniques of the self, style, lifewriting – in the larger context of contemporary Kerala Studies.


KK Baburaj, Udaya Kumar,
Discussants: AK Jayasree, Indulekha, Amal, Soumya

Writing The First Person

VSanil, K Vinod Chandran, Ranjini Krishnan, Dileep Raj