(1972, Cluses, France. Lives and works in Rome, Italy)

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Uttam Duniya/ The Perfect World

(2012, Neodimensional installation, Ciclotax, video, map, sound, acrylic. Site-specific, Environmental measurements)

The project focusses on a rickshaw, a very popular means of transport in Kochi. Rickshaw has been reframed to become a vehicle of international diplomacy, with megaphones that spread the song ‘Bye Bye Baby’ sung by Marilyn Monroe. The rickshaw thus becomes a symbol of a decadent western world in crisis, a symbol of a Europe in ruins. Inside the rickshaw there are monitors that show 200 letters of global education. Global Education is based on the experience of every human being. Significantly, the artist draws on immediately recognisable popular images, to which he contributes new meaning. Reassuring symbols and omnipresent icons of the most popular imagination, which satisfy the expectations of the standard consumer, are revisited from a critical and ironic point of view, thus destabilizing the viewer’s perspective. There is also an interactive map that represents the travelling route of the rickshaw in Kochi.