(1948, Baghdad, Iraq. Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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72 Privileges […..]:
‘It is precisely this balance between exile and the emotion of the privileged which forms the unique originality of our Breathing in Reverse. As will be clear already, there is no past or future in Exile, only an immediate present’.

((2012), 22 meters long wooden table, 72 Copper Plates, 5000 meters of white threads)


So, after being in such a close proximity to the history of Kochi and bumping into the story of the copper plates which tells us about the 72 privileges that were granted to the Jewish and Christian communities by the last king of the Chera dynasty, Cheraman Perumal;   I have chosen the number 72 to be the basis of my work  –  which will consist of an installation on site;
A  22 meters long  wooden table, into which 72 Copper Plates (42cm x 30cm) will be inserted. Through the holes (The holes in the copper plates correspond as it were, to the stars constellations above the city of Jerusalem) of those 72 copper plates 5000 meters of white threads (5000 meters is the cirumference of the Old city of Jerusalem) will be woven, spreading so to see, on the floor.

The accompaying 72 shadow drawings (42cm x 30cm) , which were drawn with a black indian ink on variouse tracing papers are sawn together with white thread into a sheet of music notes; The 72 drawings are in fact a visual guide to the history of the 72 privileges.