53 days to go

Justin Ponmany

(1974, Kerala, India. Lives and works in Mumbai, India)

Done and dustedDone and dustedDone and dusted


Done and dusted

(2012, two-channel video installation, dimensions variable, 5.11 mins (Each channel))

‘Done and dusted’ is about archaeological and mythological meeting points, the gaps and the possible ruling out of some myths. Raking up a search or inquiry could be of epistemological proportion. Digging into who we are and where we arrive from can be quite unsettling for most of us.

‘Muziris’ is still an idea without definite boundaries and is still being ascertained. Yet it is imperative and is the prerogative of any individual
asking the ultimate philosophical question: who am I?

P.S: The protagonist is and is meant to be playing a senior Malayali citizen.

  • Justin Ponmany