Pepper House Residency

The Pepper House Residency programme is an international residency opportunity for artists from all disciplines to work and collaborate within a studio space situated at the Pepper House, Fort Kochi. The space of the Pepper House Residency consists of extensive studio facilities (for production), the Laboratory of Visual Arts library (for research), and the Pepper House cafe (for dialogue). The residency is structured on the idea of a three-dimensional approach to creativity in which the idea of artistic practice is supported by its two necessary extensions – public interaction and inquiry.


Pepper House Residency objectives

For artists

  • To contribute a space of expression and dialogue for artists
  • To provide an opportunity to upcoming and established artists to find new possibilities in various media.
  • To seek and open channels of communication between the artist and public.

For the community

  • To create awareness about art and art education.
  • To help art enthusiasts explore and interact with contemporary art
  • To serve as a space for the exploration and evolution of the idea and themes of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale


Pepper House Residency 2015-2016 / Artists


Sabine Schründer is a Berlin-based artist whose practice explores the place of the individual in society and the relation between groups and individuals through the media of photography and video. Her project in India was about neo-spiritual practices of ‘optimisation of the self’ that have taken off in western capitalist societies not as a holistic approach but rather to meet the demands of economic growth. Sabine was in India as part of the bangaloREsidency of the Goethe Institute. Information about her works and practice can be found on her website.

Deepa K recently completed her graduation in Fine Arts from the Government College of Fine Arts, Thrissur. Recognitions include the Kerala Lalitakala Akademi Special Mention 2014 and the Kerala Lalitakala Academy Scholarship for 2015.

Sunanda Bhat is a documentary film-maker whose work focuses on people and communities on the margins of Indian society. Her documentary Ningal Aranaye Kando? won the John Abraham National Award and was screened to critical acclaim at numerous film festivals in India and abroad. She lives and works in Bengaluru.

As part of the Pepper House Residency, Sunanda has commenced research on a documentary venture about the Fort Kochi-Mattancheri region.

In her site-specific installations, videos and video installations, Dresden-based artist Anja Kempe deals with the unknown of physical space and the poten­tial of movement. She develops architectural extensions that augment real space with fiction. Her projects in Kochi will continue her explorations of perceptions of space. What kind of inner grid do we bring to understand a space and how can an artwork shift this grid?

Anja is in India as part of the bangaloREsidency of the Goethe Institute. Information about her works can be found on her website.

Peter Bialobrzeski is a Hamburg-based photographer-artist. He has published twelve books, including city studies like Cairo Diary and Athens Diary. During his residency in Kochi, Peter will work towards a portrait of the city, especially its Fort Kochi-Mattancheri region. For more information on his work, visit his website here. Peter Bialobrzeski is in India as part of the Goethe Institute’s bangaloREsidency.

The photographic work of Berlin-based artist Hans-Christian Schink deals with different aspects of how the environment is shaped by human activities. He is working in Kochi as part of the Goethe Institute’s bangaloREsidency programme. For more information on his various projects and publications, visit his website here.

Jigesh Kumar completed his graduation from the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram and post-graduation from SN School, Hyderabad. He has shown at the Durbar Hall in Kochi, including at the Lalitakala Akademi Annual Show, in 2009 and 2014.

Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez makes vivacious poetry burst out of simple materials. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe, USA, South Korea, Nigeria and Mexico. Augustin has won numerous awards including at the Rencontres d’Arles in France (2010), the Swiss Photo Award (2012), the Kiefer Hablitzel Prize (2012) and the Vevey International Photo Award (2013-2014).

Augustin’s residency in Kochi was part of Pro Helvetia‘s residency programme.

Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim is a pioneering Emirati artist. Born in Khorfakkan, UAE, his work has been exhibited across the world, including in Sharjah, Venice, Bonn, Havana, Cairo and Moscow. Ibrahim is in Kochi as part of the Trans-Indian Ocean Artists Exchange.

Mohammed Kazem’s practice includes various media, including painting, video and installation. His work has been shown in Venice, Singapore, Dubai, and Beijing. Kazem was also co-curator of the 2007 Sharjah Biennial. Kazem is part of the Trans-Indian Ocean Artists Exchange.

Mo Reda is a Dutch artist and curator. Shows he has curated include ‘Alwan 338’ (2012) in Bahrain, ‘Per/Form’ (2014) in Kuwait, and a collateral project at the Jogja Biennale (2015). Mo Reda is curator of the Trans-Indian Ocean Artists Exchange.

Past Residents