(1968, Lahore, Pakistan. Lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan)

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Language Series V

(2011 -2012, C print + DIASEC 110(H) X 182(W) in.)

Language Series IX

(2011 -2012, C print + DIASEC 96(H) X 175(W) in.)

The Anatomy Lessons I

(2011, Single channel video)


In the new body of works Rashid examines the divides between East and West; static and movement; formal and conceptual; all elements that have turned into clichés. Rana approaches the question of split and whole on multiple levels, which also include the presence of immediate physical surroundings and the experience of remote reality through books, TV, Internet, past and art history. The world is composed of contrasts, but when he converts them into/for his art, the boundaries are blurred so a sixteenth century miniature painting from Indian subcontinent or a conceptual sculpture from 1960s America, hold similar kind of significance, since both participate – equally in shaping new narratives. Language Series