(1981, India. Lives and works in Mumbai, India)

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The Fountain

(Cement, motor mechanism and water 7 ft(H) x 10 ft(Diameter))

Water flows
From the large water body to the smaller
The channel is secondary
It has to behave to its nature
Of flowing
A small crack or a negligible hole can play the role of a new source.It
seldom behaves the human law
The work here looks at this uncanny behaviour of water disobedience.
A garden fountain standing tall, is paralyzed by a small crack in it.
The water forcesitself out through the crack
The fountain fails to perform its duty.


Filling & Leaking

(Video in loop)

The balance of any action depends on two elements, the beginning and the end. The space of the action merely acts as a transitional existence. We can see a door as passage to get inside the space and also to get out of the space. Here the video attempts to create an unreasonable existence to the water by it being constantly poured into the glass tank while the hole at the bottom of the tank responds contrary to the action of pouring by letting the water out of the tank space. These two actions result into the stillness of the water mass inside the tank. The linearity of the water level changes subtly to respect the law of inlet and outlet.

As an after thought to the Filling video Leaking, behaves in manner of an image. The act of displaced water from the glass tank to the outer space
via the small hole attains a state of contemplativeness. The moving image almost freezes itself with only the shift of water level being seen subtly. This shift is metaphorical to movement of time in a given space. The video through its abstract image making, still comments on the purposeless act of the water slipping through the hole.