(1974, Bangalore, India. Lives and works in Sagara and Bangalore, India)

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(2012, Gunny Bags, Mud, Binding Wire, Thorny Bamboo, Steel Cable)

‘Erase’ is an installation in a public space. A thorny ‘cocoon’ hangs suspended over a set of steps. The ascent to a suspended cocoon constructed from the branches of a thorny shrub, is laid by way of steps constructed out of filled gunny sacks. As the viewer climbs up the steps, head and shoulders enter the opening of the prickly hollow of the cocoon. The space inside the hollow is the room to leave bad or unwanted thoughts, memories, or fears and the viewer is encouraged to whisper or think of the things that they would like to let go of.At the end of the viewing period the cocoon is set ablaze at night in a ritual that destroys the structure along with the thoughts, memories and confessions uttered within in. All remnants of the construction are destroyed leaving nothing behind except sand.The work was first installed at a workshop at Cholamandalam artist village, Chennai in 2007.