Pond near the field

Curator: Roobina Karode
Artists: K. P. Krishnakumar, K. M. Madhusudhanan, Surendran Nair, C. K. Rajan, and N. N. Rimzon
Host: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art
Venue: Visual Arts Centre, Kerala Museum, Madhavan Nayar Foundation, Pathadipalam, Edappally, Ernakulam
Dates: 11th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
‘Pond near the field’ is a poetic evocation of the landscape of Kerala, showcasing drawings, prints, collages, sculptures and diaries of five artists who were the alumni of College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum: K. P. Krishnakumar, N. N. Rimzon, Surendran Nair, K. M. Madhusudhanan and C. K. Rajan. The five artists were among the first few batches of this new art college formed in 1975, which was first of its kind in the state. The formation of Kerala Radical Painters’ and Sculptors’ Association until its dissolution with the tragic death of Krishnakumar in 1989 forms the backdrop and undercurrent of the exhibition.

‘terraoptics’, 2016

Artist: Vivan Sundaram
Host: Photoink, New Delhi
Venue: Artry Gallery, KB Jacob Road, Fort Kochi
Dates: 14th Dec, 2016 to 10th Feb, 2017

Concept Note

Based on his earlier work called ‘Black Gold’ at the First Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Vivan Sundaram brings back the discarded potsherds from Pattanam, Kerala as forms and small structures presented as photographs shot in a dark room studio. The fragments are made into contemporary containers placed within luminous dissecting planes and patterns. The site, a set or model is depicted as a flat bed picture plane when viewed from above. Therefore the abstracted objects amalgamate with the optical geometry. The representation of the earth locations oscillates from urban formations to denuded landscapes.

Artist; the Public Intellectual

Curator: Tanya Abraham
Artists: Margaret Lanzetta, Meydad Eliyahu, and Gigi Scaria, Paula Sengupta
Host: Kashi Art Gallery
Dates: 13th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017
Venue: Town House, Quiros Street, Fort Kochi

Concept Note
Artist; the Public Intellectual is a project that has been curated to exhibit the power of art and artists that move beyond visual appreciation and understanding alone. Art becomes the element of forefront modern thinking and change, shifting perceptions from single dimensional understanding to a multi-dimensional one.

Landscapes and Silence

Curator: Wayne Baerwaldt and Tanya Abraham
Artists: Terry Billings, Risa Horowitz, Gabriela Garcia-Luna, Sheila Spence, Paul Butler, Shubha Taparia, G R iranna, and K K Muhamad
Host: Kashi Art Gallery and The Art Outreach Society (TAOS) – An Indo-Canadian cultural project
Venue: Town House, Quiros Street, Fort Kochi
Dates: 13th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
As this exhibition draws attention to evolving concepts of silence associated with ecological and environmental changes, there also exists the existence of silence as an element of infinity, the eternal and the ephemeral. Artists look at the existence of silence from the perspective of ideas, ideologies and understandings, of its strong presence at the core of our landscapes. The presence of the abstract and the transient, both elements of silence, are unearthed and expressed as an unscathed presence in landscapes. This is then translated into the existence of life itself, all of which are inextricably woven into a daring and vivid presentation through art. As creativity rests in the centre of the unspoken, an intangible occurrence of the real, there is the explanation of how landscapes and all things living finally, and eventually, end in the silence of eternal consciousness.

Binary States, India – UAE

Curator: Umer Batt, Rashid Bin Shabib, and Ahmed Bin Shabib
Artists: Ammar Al Attar, Rasha Al Duwaisan, and Vikram Devicha
Collaborators: The Minister of State Office, Cultural Engineering
Venue: The Greenix, Fort Kochi
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
Binary States, India – UAE” is an exhibition looking to explore the bilateral relations between India and UAE across multiple disciplines. Besides highlighting Emirati-Indian ties through various mediums and topics, the exhibition is celebrating overlapping elements in Emirati-Indian cultures, which date back to decades and encompass social, urban, and economic ties.

The Current Convening #2

Curator: Stefanie Hessler, Ute Meta Bauer, Cesar Garcia
Artists: The artists are listed on
Collaborators: various, mentioned at
Host: TBA21
Venue: Cochin Club, Vasco Da Gama Square, other locations
Dates: 13th Dec, 2016 to 15th Dec, 2016

Concept Note
The Convening program is dedicated to the oceans, with a focus on the ethics of exploration, processes of image- and knowledge-making, storytelling, trade and collaborative modes of exchange, the rights of nature and the international laws of the sea, rising sea levels, and poetic approaches to currents and flows of water.

Liminal Space

Artists/Writers/Theorists: Baiju Parthan, Nancy Adajania, Ranjit Hoskote, Remen Chopra, Prajakta Palav, Suruchi Choksi, Suzanne Moxhayand Yamini Nayar.
Presented by: Anupa Mehta Arts & Advisory in association with Priyanjali and Rishabh Mariwala for Puresense and supported by ART India Magazine & MARG
Venue: Mill Hall Art Space, Mill compound, Eraveli Road, Mattancherry
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 28th Feb, 2017

Concept Note
The liminal occupies a position at or on both sides of a threshold. This exhibition, sited at Mill Hall Art Space in Mattancherry, occupies an ‘in-between’ space vis-a-vis the biennale. Artists explore the liminal in several ways, segueing from private to public, from the mythical to the historical

Pichvai: Tradition and Beyond

Curator: Pramod Kumar KG

Venue: Heritage Arts, Jew Town Road, Mattancherry

Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note

Pichvai Tradition & Beyond will unveil a major exhibition of artworks as an official collateral event to the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016. The exhibition will showcase a series of expertly crafted, contemporary interpretations of Pichvai works, bringing for the first time a traditional Indian art form into a contemporary context.

India Song

Artists: Karen Knorr
Host: Tasveer
Venue: Passage Malabar, Fort Kochi
Dates: 13th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
India Song is a series of carefully crafted photographs by Karen Knorr that blurs the lines between reality and illusion by inserting animals into architectural spaces and heritage sites. This unexpected juxtaposition playfully subverts cultural spaces and punctures meanings traditionally associated with them, while posing questions about power, gender, colonialism and cultural appropriation through allegory.

Happy Medium

Collaborators: Rajeev Thakker / a-RT, Quaid Doongerwala / DCOOP, Raj Menon, Kunjan Garg & Niranjan Das Sharma / RGB Architecture Studio
Sponsor: Piramal Art Foundation
Venue: Cabral Yard Compound wall, Kashi Gallery (exterior), and David Hall (Exterior)
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
Happy Medium: a satisfactory compromise between two things or a course of action or condition that is between two extremes…

‘Happy Medium’ proposes an intersection between public space, discarded or reusable objects & the events of the biennale. These new poly-programmed infrastructures, communal in nature, create a series of ‘collaged’ or ‘recycled’ social spaces at various venues of the Biennale where people can meet, gather, relax, ideate, play, nap and enjoy the outdoor activities in Fort Kochi.

Cooperative Consciousness

Curators: Kathryn Myers, Jayanthi Moorthy (Co-Curator)
Artists: Daria Dorosh, d’Ann de Simone, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Nancy Morrow, Shannon Forrester, Melissa Furness, Jane Gilmor, Alisa Henriquez, Maxine Henryson, Jody Joldersma, Louise McCagg, Jayanthi Moorthy, Mimi Oritsky, Julia Kim Smith, Joan Snitzer, Jane Swavely
Host: A.I.R Gallery, New York
Venue: Gallery OED Compound, 5/600, Bazaar Rd, Mattancherry
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
The exhibition Cooperative Consciousness will introduce works of sixteen artists who exemplify A.I.R. gallery’s rich diversity in generation, educational background, artistic experience, viewpoints and media disciplines through experimental processes and tactile, formal and symbolic uses of materials. Founded in 1972, A.I.R. (Artists in Residence, Inc.) has been the pioneer women’s cooperative gallery in the United States.

Dissent and Discourse: The Art and Politics of Brij Mohan Anand

Curator: Shruthi Isaac
Artist: Late Brij Mohan Anand
Host: B M Anand Foundation
Venue: Greenix Village, Kalvathy Road, Fort Kochi
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
The exhibition explores the notion of dissent and its significance in public discourse, creativity and progress. It pays tribute to an artist who for nearly five decades attempted to initiate a dialogue on behalf of the subaltern through a differed reading of the rapid technological and economic modernisation of India and it’s nuclear ambitions during the Cold War.

Sweet Smell of the Cosm

Artists: Sohini Dasgupta and Abhishek Dasgupta
Venue: Esmeralda, 1/655, Ridsdale Road, Fort Kochi
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 15th Jan, 2017

Concept Note
Sweet Smell of the Cosm weaves images forming one continuous body of work exploring the breathing of the Cosm (ref. to nature, living element in nature). It explores the Cosm’s optimal character to exhale a sweet smell even after inhaling the brutal debris of the present everyday struggle. Central to the show, are Sohini Dasgupta’s abstract biomorphic oil paintings which forms a confluence of rhythm with Abhishek Dasgupta’s photographic perceptions in the space of ‘Garadi’- exploring the constant flux of the unconscious mind.

For updates, please visit their pageFor updates, please visit their page:

Shell Mycelium Pavilion - degradation movement manifesto

Collaborators: Asif Rahman Junaid (Beetles 3.3 Architecture), Giombattista Areddia and Mohamad Yassin (Yassin Areddia Design)
Venue: The Dutch Warehouse, Fort Kochi
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
The degradation movement in architecture upholds the bio-logic , the logic for a degradable need. During major events like Olympics, National games, Biennale etc. multiple structures are erected, making use of heavy construction material. This approach makes demolition and disposal difficult and more often these structures are abandoned, as lonely temples at the sites. These structures are erected as a sign of the prosperity and wealth of the nation, but the cites pay the price unconsciously. This burning desire of architecture rapes the city and leaves behind ghost towns that take decades to metabolize.

We criticize these unconscious political choices with living buildings – buildings which arise from the nature and return to the nature as though they never existed.This pavilion is a building, which grows after its birth and die once the purpose is served. All that remains is the experience felt under it.

Kissa Kursi Ka - The Story of the Indian Chair

Curator: Yoichi Nakamuta
Artist: Gunjan Gupta
Host: Project Ikkis, Wrap Studio
Venue: Heritage Arts, Mattancherry
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
Kissa kursi ka traces the evolution of elevated seating in India through the ages right from earliest traces of Indian civilization and ancient yogic practices to colonial and post colonial times right upto the present moment through a series of design explorations and site specific installations for the Kochi Art Biennale keeping with the curatorial vision of the biennale’s curator.

Axis of Secret Histories / All this comes back

Curator: Ratnadeep Adivrekar
Artist: Anand Prabhudesai, Ashish Thakur, Nilesh Kinkale, Nilesh Shilkar, Prashant Salvi, Smita Kinkale, and Tanujaa Rane
Host: The Bombay Art Society
Venue: Door No – 7/29, A B Salem Road, Jew Town, Mattancherry
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
A secret or shadow history is a revisionist interpretation of either fictional or real history, which is been intentionally suppressed, neglected or disregarded by established scholars. The project deals an open-ended inquiry into history and the prospect of imagining fresh possibilities, suggesting that we are at crossroads in our society where we need to demystify history to justly retrospect.
– Ratnadeep Adivrekar

Abstract Chronicles

Curator: Girish Shahane
Artists: Fabien Charuau, Manish Nai, Minal Damani, Parul Gupta, Tanya Goel, and Vibha Galhotra
Venue: Gallery OED Cochin, 6/500, Bazar Road, Mattanchery
Dates: 10th Dec, 2016 to 24th Jan, 2017

Concept Note
Abstract Chronicles highlights contemporary art practices that share a close affinity with the transnational tradition of abstraction while also being tied to specific histories, particular events, material realities, or natural processes.


Curator: Raju Sutar
Artists: Arti Kirloskar, Bharati Pitre, Madhavi Kolte, Rajesh Kulkarni, Raju Sutar, Sandesh Bhandare, Sandip Sonawane, Vaishali Oak
Venue: 6/951, Ground Floor, Bazaar Road, Next to Sales Tax Office, Mattancherry
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
Roots/Routes is a curated exhibition of eight artists from Pune and the idea focuses on bringing out the expression of an artist in true perspective, the idea was to go deep inward to connect with one’s own roots and reinvent the routes to find the self.

The Urban Bi-spectacle

Curator: Humming Tree and MES College of Architecture, Calicut
Artists: Anabelle Viegas, Sandhya Rao, Mohammed Afnan, Arun Shekar
Collaborator: Urban Citylab, Bangalore
Venue: Door#6/9, Yousuf Art Gallery, Opposite International Tourist Police Museum, Jew town road, Mattancherry
Dates: 12th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017

Concept Note
The Urban Bi-spectacle is an on-going research project on the sensory experience of Bengaluru’s multi-layered, hyper-connected reality. It uncovers layers of interaction, experience and emotion while revealing the characters, characteristics and peculiarities of the urban.

Dwelling Pluralities

Curator: Malin Barth
Artists: Gigi Scaria, Erik Friis Reitan, and Suvi Nieminen
Host: Foundation 3,14 (Norway)
Venue: Jousuf Building, (Fatima Buliding), 7/644 Jew Town
Dates: 13th Dec, 2016 to 29th Mar, 2017
Concept Note
This exhibition is a pluralistic juncture, a collection of responses from both Indian and Norwegian artists. Gigi Scaria, Erik Friis Reitan, and Suvi Nieminen are invited on basis of their individual artistic merits and their ability to develop new projects that look at spacio-political problematic as well as the art-site relationship. How does a society deal with its cultural heritage? How can approaches to identity, culture, tradition and history become a resource? How can we give yesterday and today, a tomorrow?

The project consists of works that complement and communicate with each other and address the issues of cultural and social challenges. Kochi with its backwaters and Bergen as the gateway to the fjords witnessed the early human expeditions and the great ages of discovery. The navigators cruised in to the shores of these towns looking for different trade opportunities that led to invasion, exchange, innovation and global triad. Thus, both cities have acted as maritime gateways and important trading hubs, which not only facilitated moving of goods, but also of cultures. As such, they have participated in networks of communication that can be seen as early stages of globalization.

Srishti Outpost @Mill Hall, Kochi

Curator: Meena Vari
Host: Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Various Artists, Artist Collectives and Curatorial Projects
Venue: Mill Hall Compound, Mattancherry
Dates: 20th December, 2016 to 29th March, 2017

Concept Note:
Srishti Outpost @ Mill Hall is a space that masquerades as a classroom, a gallery and a community hall. It will focus on the performative, the playful and the process oriented while supporting the various positions of art making. Outpost @Mill Hall celebrates ‘Making, as an Expanded Form of Expression and Engagement’. The curated program overlaps and intersects in, material and mediums, Art & Science, traditional and contemporary as well as multiple associations and collaborations. The idea is to bring together artists, curators, theorists, technologists, traditional makers, and the local communities to interact, share and learn. ‘Outpost@Mill Hall’ will be a series of events; exhibitions, symposiums, permanent installations, workshops and a live makers’ space, will ensure a thorough involvement of audiences, both as participants, as well as spectators.

Country Matters

Curator: Girish Shahane
Artists: Dibin Thilakan, Fabien Charuau, Meenakshi Sengupta, Mithu Sen, and T. Venkanna
Collaborators: Beyond Malabar in association with Gallery OED Cochin
Venue: Beyond Malabar, 1/258, Napier Street, Fort cochin, 682001,Kerala
Dates: 9th Dec, 2016 to 20th Jan, 2017

Concept Note
India grapples with a historical legacy of graphic depiction and description co-existing with a conservative social order, a poverty of individual choice, and the disapproval of alternative sexual practices. Country Matters explores sexuality within the context of contemporary moral battles that frequently have political expediency as their starting point.