(1964, Thrissur, Kerala, India. Lives and works in Kochi and Bangalore, India)

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Between One Shore and Several Others

(2012, Prints on Hahnemeulle Cotton Rag Paper)

‘Between One Shore And Several Others’ is an enquiry into the transmigrations of concepts, their assimilation, internalisation and the evolution of identities. Identity is an ongoing process embedded in everyday social practices. Ideas that shape one’s identity are usually local – local places, local customs, local histories – but the availability of alternatives allows one to escape the circumstances of one’s origin. The osmotic nature of this interplay permits for a translation that does not seek to reclaim the context, but to adapt and expand the vocabulary of the concept. Translation plays a pivotal role in determining how one establishes or negotiates one’s identity whether it is through opposition, assimilation or naturalisation. Translation in the context of photography, does not limit itself to its stenographic functions. The photograph is neither a window, a mirror, nor an arbiter of reality here; it is an ambiguous hypertext, containing links that offer clues to the larger plot.