The Master Practice Studios programme is a series of workshops that provide interested practitioners the opportunity to work over an extended duration with master artists. Young artists get an opportunity not only to develop and reflect on their own individual practices, but also to learn practical and collaborative skills with the guidance of renowned names in the arts. This year, workshops will run from June through October.

Master Practice Studios is made possible with the support of HCL Foundation.


The current workshop is being led by painter T V Santosh. The five participants will be engaged in an intensive workshop at Pepper House from 5th to 25th September, and will exhibit their work at the end of their stay.

The participants are Subhadip Bhattacharya, Daina Mohapatra, Natasha Sachdeva, Puja Mondal and Prachee Batra.

The previous session was a non-fiction comics workshop led by Orijit Sen. The workshop aimed to focus on creating visual narratives through the development of both story-making craft as well as non-textual knowledge. Over the course of the month, participants were involved in studio-based work as well as research in the community. For more information on the stories they created, please click here.